After 28 seasons and almost 18 years at the top, The Simpsons are still going and showing no signs of stopping. Indeed they have even had time to have a hit movie, with 2008’s The Simpsons Movie grossing over $527million worldwide. Rumours have flown around since of a sequel and producer James L. Brooks has this week shed some new light on the status of a second film.

Speaking to LRM, Brooks said that 20th Century Fox are keen for a sequel to be made but it may not be as straight forward as that:

“Fox very much wants us to do another one, and maybe we will and maybe we won’t — that’s where it is… How do we divide our labors, and do we believe in the idea we have? We may go into a more active exploration of a second movie soon.”

The first film was hugely successful (perhaps more so than some had thought) but after so many years and episodes since, it’s a question of whether a second film would be worthwhile given the original’s $75millon budget. Still, as long as the show continues many fans will be itching to see the beloved family on the big screen one more time.

Would you like to see a Simpsons Movie sequel?