After news broke earlier this year that Mel Gibson wanted to make a sequel to his massively successful The Passion of the Christ, the Oscar-winning director has announced the title for the follow-up: Resurrection.

Speaking on Tuesday night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert whilst promoting his new film Hacksaw Ridge, Gibson confirmed the news but that the finished film would be a few years off just yet.

“It’s probably about three years off, because it’s a big subject” Gisbon said before saying that while the event was the focus, he wanted to explore what was going on around it as well: “It’s not just some chronological telling of just that event. That could be boring, and you think, ‘Oh, we read that,’ ” he explained. “But what are the other things around it that happened?”

Randall Wallace, who write Gibson’s Oscar-winning Braveheart in 1995, is also on-board the project. Released in 2004, The Passion of the Christ starred Jim Caviezel in the title role and went on to gross over $612million at the worldwide box office.

Hacksaw Ridge is released this Friday in US cinemas before a UK release next year.