Last night, Colin and Joe both attended the UK premiere of Life of Pi and got to chat with the stars and film makers from the movie. It was a very cold night but the chaps were kept warm but the dozens of fire lights which surrounded the blue carpet.

Joe spoke with Oscar winning director Ang Lee, about this, his ‘most ambitious movie to date’, how he adapted an ‘unadaptable’ book and how he managed to find his Pi in the form of Suraj Sharma. We also get to hear from Sharma on getting the role and being in a big Hollywood movie and also with fellow Brit, Rafe Spall on playing ‘The Writer’ in the movie.

Life of Pi is released 20th December and I highly recommend you watch it. Jamie will have our review up on the site tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled. Our interviews with the chaps are all below for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve not seen the trailer for the movie, have a watch here.

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  • mfxpyro

    “Dozens” of fire lights, there were over 400 of them.

  • David Sztypuljak

    So I was right, there were 33.3 dozen 🙂