After doing such a stellar job on reinventing ‘The Invisible Man’, Leigh Whannell has entered into talks with Universal Pictures to helm another monster movie ‘The Wolfman’.

Ryan Gosling is already attached to the feature which will see Whannell write the treatment for the film, based on an original idea of his own. Blumhouse will produce.

The original ‘The Wolf Man’ debuted in 1941 with Lon Chaney, Jr., in the title role. The title character has had a great deal of influence on Hollywood’s depictions of the legend of the werewolf. The film is the second Universal Pictures werewolf film, preceded six years earlier by the less commercially successful ‘Werewolf of London’ (1935).

After a disastrous start to the Dark Universe with the Tom Cruise led ‘The Mummy’, Universal dropped the idea of an interlinked Monster universe and subsequently saw Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions take the gauntlet to push things forward with on their revamped monster catalogue.

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Having previously directed ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ and ‘Upgrade’, Whannell, whose ‘The Invisible Man’ grossed more than $124 million at the worldwide box office, has a first-look deal across film and television with Blumhouse, for projects he writes, directs or produces.