LEGO Iron Man 3 PosterSo this morning we’ve already had the Pixar Avengers but now LEGO have released some rather fabulous new posters for their new Iron Man 3 sets which have been designed using the posters we’ve seen for the brand new Marvel movie coming at the end of April (beginning of May in the US).

I love these movie tie-ins and we make it no secret that we’re huge fans of LEGO here at HeyUGuys. Also kudos to Marvel / Disney for allowing LEGO to play with their official posters in this manner.

These posters come from our pals at TotalFilm as well as the first shots of what the Iron Man set will look like. They got to play with it and yes, we’re jealous! The three sets (Malibu Mansion Attack, Iron Man vs Mandarin Ultimate Showdown, and Extremis Sea Port Battle)  seen below are linked to scenes from the movie that we’ve seen in the trailer but are potentially spoilerish so be warned.

This set is from the same LEGO series that we got to play with… I mean review in their Super Heroes series. My review of the Spider-Man set (The Ultimate Spider-Man) can be seen here.

So, who’s going to be purchasing one of these little numbers? I know I will!


Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3