Legendary made a real impact at this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con when they revealed that Gareth Edwards would return to helm a monster-filled Godzilla sequel (more details on that are here), but the biggest surprise was the announcement that they were rebooting the King Kong franchise with Skull Island.

While a November 4th, 2016 release date was confirmed at the event, there was no word on who would write or direct the prequel/reboot. Well, it has been revealed this evening that the studio are offering the director’s chair to Joe Cornish, the man responsible for brilliant British movie Attack the Block.

It’s unclear whether or not he will accept the job, especially as he’s hoping to helm Section Six for Universal. That movie (which focuses on the formation of MI6) is surrounded in legal issues right now due to a dispute with the producers of the Bond franchise, so that could give Cornish the opportunity to tackle King Kong and Skull Island.

Here’s a description of the footage which was shown at Comic-Con courtesy of /Film:

The clip started showing a rain storm pouring down over big waves in the ocean. Audio narration included lines from the Heart of Darkness: “Going up that river was like traveling back to the beginning of the world, when the plants ran wild and the trees were kings.” Shots of an island, lush jungle, monkeys and creatures … “Being alone in the wilderness, it had looked within itself, and by heavens! I tell you, it had gone mad. We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness.” We see a cave on the island shaped like a skull. Reveal of the logo Legendary’s “Skull Island”.