One of the greatest gifts of cinema is bringing the whole world to the big screen. We can travel across oceans, dive into the deepest jungles and reach to the outer limits of the stars – all from the comfort of our local picture house.

We have been asked by Travel Republic to name our ultimate movie location, one which has been used by a bevy of directors and stars to tell their stories. We chose the bright lights of Las Vegas as our movie location to travel to, with the intoxications of excess the city has become famous for. The jewel in the Nevada desert has changed greatly over the years, and is now a family-friendly destination.

The Hangover

It  has seen the rat pack plan a caper or two, it has been a beacon of hope and a long, lonely strip of despair. It is perhaps the epitome of modern America. A man made city in the depths of the sprawling desert where the American Dream can be won or lost. It has seen a number of crazy nights and long run Hangovers, Martian attacks and Gonzo journalists. It is a maelstrom of indulgence and neon lights, perfect for the movie screen.

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That is has attracted filmmakers over the years is no surprise. It is cultural shorthand for many things, and visually the city and its bright lights are as arresting as the towers of the Manhattan skyline or the beaches of California. It is America in excess.

Other locations cited in the round the world movie guide includes New York for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Reach Falls in Jamaica to enjoy a Cocktail with Tom Cruise or the crystal clear waters of Kefalonia in Greece to listen to Captain Correlli’s Mandolin.