I’ve been a fan of the original CSI (CSI Las Vegas) for many years now. I started watching it as it’s produced by the legendary Jerry Bruckheimer (fans of the site will know I am rather fond of his work!). I can’t believe that we are already on CSI Season 9 of the TV show that I have just worked out that I have spent around 990 hours watching! That’s a whole 41.5 days! Oh my word!!

The reason that I love it so much is probably because it’s such a great show to sit down and be thoroughly entertained for 45 minutes. The series is so successful that it’s spawned two spin-off shows in the form of CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. With around 22 episodes per season, the story-lines just keep coming time and time again. Some of them have been a bit ropey but the majority are original and enthralling and with a show that has been running for so long, you’d think that they’d be running out of ideas but it simply isn’t the case.

Season 9 is no different. Well, i say that, it’s a little different as in the first episode, we say goodbye to one of the longest serving members of the cast, Warrick Brown  (Gary Dourdan) in a very fitting episode that pays tribute to his memory. William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, Paul Guilfoyle, Eric Szmanda and Robert David Hall all return to their usual roles with a certain Mr. Lawrence Fishburne coming in to replace the legendary Gill Grissom after he decides to leave CSI in episode 9 to his last appearance in episode 10.

The clever mix of CGI, good acting, great story lines clever thinking and sometimes rather dubious explanations is just as good as any other series. If you have loved the last 8 seasons of CSI then season 9 is no different. The big budget TV series will have you on the edge of your seat just like they have previously and I know you’ll love it.

If for any reason you think you can’t watch season 9 because you’ve missed the first 8 season, don’t spend the next 41.5 days watching it, check out the video i’ve embedded below which will catch you up in 3:22!

CSI Season 9 is available to buy on DVD and Blu Ray now.