Nike has been really upping their game in the promo/viral field of late. You may recall that the company recently managed to acquire the talents of cinematic big-hitters Alejandro González Iñárritu and Terry Gilliam to deliver incredible-looking, inventive, big-budget adverts.

Now Texas-based DIY action auteur Robert Rodriquez has produced a five minute viral where he plays himself, pitching a film idea to US basketball superstar Kobe Bryant where the sportsman will appear as an alter-ego named The Black Mamba.

The film comes to life through the meeting and three big names (Danny Trejo as The Crippler, Bruce Willis as Mister Suave and Kanye West as The Boss) all appear as potential casing ideas as the story progresses.

It’s a fun, flashy viral, very much in the vein of Rodriquez’s recent work (particularly with the Grindhouse-esque introductory character title cards) and it ends with a ball game atop of a huge flaming building, with Bryant shoot hoops against a zombiefied basketball squad.

Watch it below: