To follow on from the first teaser trailer that we put up a while back, we’ve been sent the second teaser for new movie, Kill Keith which shows us how the movie was created… sort of!

Kill Keith stars Marc Pickering, Susannah Fielding, Joe Tracini and David Easter plus Keith Chegwin, Tony Blackburn, Joe Pasquale, Russell Grant and is directed by Andy Thompson. It follows the rather unlikely story of someone on a hunt to kill the legendary Keith Chegwin!

I’ve placed the full synopsis below. You’ll be able to see the movie in UK cinemas 11th November.

Welcome to the world of Breakfast TV, with chirpy presenters who wake us up with their positive attitudes and happy dispositions – but something sinister is afoot – there is a killer on the loose, The Breakfast Cereal Killer and few are safe…

Cliff and Dawn are the early morning TV presenters on the nation’s favourite breakfast show – The Crack of Dawn. Danny Nichols is the hapless day dreaming studio runner who longs to be a presenter and sit alongside the woman of his dreams…Dawn.

Sadly Cliff is leaving and the new host is a safely guarded secret…that is until the short list slowly becomes the dead list. Keith Chegwin, Tony Blackburn, Joe Pasquale and Russell Grant are up for the dream job – but who will live long enough to accept it?

Working out his next deadly step, in a damp dark and bloodstained cellar is a mysterious stranger with a shrine to the TV presenters and a selection of torture toys awaiting them. The killer is on an evil crusade knocking off celebrities with a menagerie of macabre murders, always leaving a calling card stapled to the foreheads of his victims.

Kill Keith is the hilarious horror film with a comedy twist that is set to explode like a bowl of porridge left in the microwave for too long. The film stars Marc Pickering (I Want Candy), Susannah Fielding (4,3,2,1), Joe Tracini (Coming of Age), David Easter (Family Affairs, The Bill), Tony Blackburn (BBC Radio 2), Joe Pasquale (Stand Up Comedian), Russell Grant (Strictly Come Dancing) and Keith Chegwin (GMTV, Swap Shop).

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