We here at HeyUGuys are big fans of Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass, so when we were given the chance to use the costume actually worn by Aaron Johnson in the film we decided we had to make something special.

A few weeks ago we took to the streets of London, with our Editor Dave Sztypuljak gamely adorned in the Kick-Ass suit to make the video you can see below.

To help us in our endeavour we enlisted the help of the very best real life superheroes we could find, they are: S.O.S., Kid X, the grey masked telepath (from the future) Suplex and Dr. Amazing and General Bovine from our favourite Superhero rock band, Justice Force 5.

Big thanks to Bleeding Cool and Ben Mortimer who overcame his enormous hangover to produce the video expertly.

You can buy the Kick-Ass Blu-ray and DVD here (something we strongly urge you to do), or if you’re feeling lucky you can try and win a copy of the film on Blu-ray in our competition here.

You can find out out all about S.O.S. alter ego Steve Sale’s epic documentary Superhero Me, which looks at the phenomenon of real life superheroes at his Superhero Me website, and you can watch the film online here. To listen to more from the outstanding Justice Force 5 click here to be whisked away to their site.