After bringing a new blend of awesomeness to the superhero genre back in 2010, the sequel to Kick-Ass has been eagerly anticipated and hoped-for ever since.

Speaking at a signing event in Las Vegas, comic book artist John Romita, Jr. said that the deals for the film have been signed, with production looking to get underway this summer with an eye for a May 2013 release.

Chlöe Grace Moretz, the brilliant actress who stole the film as Hit-Girl, has expressed plenty of interest in reprising her role, as recently as September last year, but with her schedule looking pretty busy at the moment, filming the Carrie remake in June, there’s a slight question mark over whether she’ll be able to commit to the sequel – naturally, everyone is hoping that she will, because she owned the role first time around.

Matthew Vaughn, director of the first film, has of course since gone on to direct X-Men: First Class, and it looks like he’s not going to be returning for the Kick-Ass sequel, focusing his attention instead to the sequel to First Class. As yet, there’s no word on who’s going to be filling his chair, but word is that a replacement has been found, it’s simply that he/she is yet to be announced.

Romita, Jr. also noted that the sequel may contain an animated sequence that he’d like to develop, which could of course be immensely interesting for fans of his work to date.

May 2013 is an interesting month to consider, taking a look at what’s already scheduled for a US release in May next year:

3rd May will see Iron Man 3 make its way to the big screen, and there’s almost no way Kick-Ass 2 will go up against Iron Man.

10th May is set for Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, and Jon Favreau’s Identity Thief, which has a big cast but, as a straight comedy-crime film, is playing to a largely different audience.

17th May should see the release of the Star Trek sequel – like Iron Man 3, this won’t be Kick-Ass 2’s ideal box office opponent.

24th May is a double-whammy, with both Fast Six and The Hangover Part III set for release, so same again.

And finally, 31st May is set for Disney’s The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, which will almost certainly have an enormous ad campaign later this year to give it huge recognition, and won’t be something Kick-Ass 2 will want to go up against either.

So I think smart money puts it at 10th May, 2013, in America at least. Perhaps take it with a pinch of salt – these things can of course change over time, and could especially depend on Moretz’s schedule if she’s able to return – but it’s definitely nice to see that things are heading in the right direction. More as we get it.

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Source: via ComicBookMovie.