When Kick-Ass appeared on our screens it was part of the influx of alternative or ‘real life’ superhero tales (of which James Gunn’s Super remains a personal favourite), now as an audience we are more familiar with the themes and perspective these films can bring. Mark Millar’s two follow-ups to Kick-Ass (Hit Girl and Kick-Ass 2) dials up the violence and the continuing story of Mindy and Dave becomes a lot more fun when they meet up with some of the other costumed heroes they have inspired. Jeff Wadlow is behind the camera while Matthew Vaughn, director of the original, is on producing duties.

A couple of things for the eager-anticipator today. First of all here’s the new poster featuring the gang waving their weapons about and its clear to see that newcomer Jim Carrey is being pushed to the fore here, hoping perhaps for a Pulp Fiction style career comeback following rough times with Penguins, numbers and the like.


Kickass 2 international poster


Our set visit report is going live on the site in the coming weeks but here’s a couple of fun behind the scenes videos from Machinima who spoke with the cast and crew and did things with movie weapons.