To celebrate the release of Alibi’s series Miss Scarlet & The Duke, we had the pleasure of sitting down with stars Kate Phillps and Stuart Martin, as well as creator Rachael New and Declan O’Dwyer, to chat about the new sleuth show.

Set in London during the 1800s, the show focuses on Eliza Scarlet (Phillips) who, after her father passes away, decides to keep his renowned detective agency going despite being the only female in the profession. But, she knows to best her enemies – and all those that believe she is out of her depth – she forms a partnership with a fellow sleuth, known as The Duke (Martin). Here, the cast and crew tell us about working together, breaking down sexist barriers, the mix of romance, thrills, and spills in the show and why 202 was the perfect time to tell this story.

Brand new to Alibi, the home of the very best crime television drama, is this full-throttle TV series about the first-ever female detective in Victorian London starring Kate Phillips (Wolf Hall, Peaky Blinders) and Stuart Martin (Babylon, Jamestown). When Eliza Scarlet’s father dies, he leaves her penniless, but she resolves to continue his detective agency. To operate in a male-dominated world, though, she needs a partner… step forward a detective known as the Duke. With lavish period detail, captivating characters and ingenious mysteries, Miss Scarlet and the Duke is bound to be your new favourite detective drama.

You can watch our exclusive interviews below:

Miss Scarlet And The Duke starts on Alibi on Tuesday, March 31st.