The Comic-Con poster for Justice League was insanely cool and Warner Bros. has now revealed individual character posters for each of the iconic DC Comics superheroes.

There’s obviously no sign of Superman (Henry Cavill) but we do get our best look yet at Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Flash (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). The work that’s gone into these suits is amazing.

Regular DC Extended Universe photographer Clay Enos snapped these photos and it shows as they really are out of this world. The Batsuit looks bluer here than in some of the official stills but that could be a deliberate move by the studio to appease fans of the comic books.

With Superman being kept under wraps by Warner Bros., it remains to be seen whether or not the Man of Steel will get a poster of his own but with rumblings that he’ll be wearing the black suit upon his return, we can only hope we’ll get some official snaps of that down the line. Just yesterday, there was a toy leak pointing to it making an appearance and if you’re unfamiliar with the comics, that the costume he wore after being resurrected!

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