Jurassic World has now become the third highest grossing movie of all-time with an amazing haul of $1.52 billion. That puts it behind Titanic and Avatar, but don’t expect it to end up passing them any time soon!

It has however passed The Avengers. The Marvel movie also has $1.52 billion, but Jurassic World has passed it by just a tiny bit. Also catching up to the 2012 superhero ensemble is this years Fast and Furious 7. All in all, it’s been a very good year for Universal Pictures as these are their first movies to reach $1 billion.

Jurassic World is only the fourth movie in history to pass the $600 million mark in North America with $614.3 million, and it’s racked up an amazing $907.3 million at the international box office as well.

There’s only one country which the movie hasn’t opened in at this point, and that’s Japan. While that will help increase its lead over The Avengers, it simply can’t come close to the $2 billion + hauls of Avatar and Titanic. Looking ahead to the next few years, it’s hard to say if anything is going to end up beating them!

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