Nominee-Juno-Temple-is-pictured-at-BAFTA-HQ-as-nominees-for-the-2013-EE-Rising-Star-Award-are-announced. Yesterday Juno Temple was nominated for the Everything Everywhere Rising Star BAFTA Award along with Suraj Sharma, Alicia Vikander, Andrea Riseborough and Elizabeth Olsen. Having recently finished filming Horns with Daniel Radcliffe, she took the time to head down to BAFTA, where she spoke to us about losing out on roles to friends, her love of Pitch Perfect and her impressive lap dancing skills.

The BAFTA Awards take place Sunday 10th February. You can vote for your favourite of the rising star shortlist here.


Q: How would you classify the sort of thing that does interest you?

Juno Temple: I think it’s really about an instant reaction, and I’m really quick to know when I’m reading a script, ‘Yes, I would love to play that girl’, or ‘hmm… that’s not me’. Also meeting a director is a big thing for me. Having the trust. I have played a lot of characters that people would call risqué, and I think I’ve been able to do that because of the directors I’ve worked with. They’re people that I really trust, and I’ve been able to just let go and go for it. I want to be brave I want to be challenged, some of my favourite people to watch [are] like Michelle Williams, who’s so brave, and so raw, and I want to be like that. I think that’s such an amazing, amazing thing, to put that out there on a screen for people to see.

Q: You seem to move between genres fairly easily. Do you have a preference for the sort of project you like to be in?

JT: I want to try everything, I really do. I think you don’t know what you like until you’ve tried it. And if it goes wrong, you just fall down and get back up again. I want to try new things always, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t say yes to at least once.

Nominee Juno Temple is pictured at BAFTA HQ as nominees for the 2013 EE Rising Star Award are announced p2Q: At the moment there’s a large pool of incredibly talented actresses around your age; do you find that makes things difficult, particularly when you’re competing with friends for roles?

JT: I strongly believe that it’s so hard to make friends in life anyway, people you connect with, let alone in this business. If your friend books a part you want, be proud of them, and go and visit them on set if they’re having a tough time. It’s important to be supportive and encouraging, and something will come my way that’s right. It’s all up to a director, it’s a director’s vision, and if your friend is right for the part, it means you’re not. Obviously there are some moments where you’re gutted because you really wanted something, but it’s kind of nice if your friend books it, because you’re like, ‘good on you girl’. So it’s not something that really bothers me. Maybe that’s stupid, but I’m not a desperately competitive person, I really believe that things come your way for a reason.

Q: What kind of movies do you like to see, when you’ve got the time?

JT: It depends on my mood. There’s a lot of films I still haven’t seen that I want to see. I haven’t seen Life of Pi, I want to see Rust and Bone, I want to see Silver Linings Playbook. These are some that I haven’t got to see yet and really want to see. But I recently got to watch Pitch Perfect. I absolutely loved that, I had such a great time watching that. So I think it’s all about what mood I’m in. There are so many beautiful, fantastic and awe inspiring films being made today that you’ve kind of got everything at your fingertips.

Q: Were there any films that you wish you’d actually been in?

JT: Pitch perfect would have been…

Q: There’s a sequel coming.

JT: Really?

Q: Do you have any skills like singing or dancing that you could bring to a film like that?

JT:  I can play guitar. I just played a stripper, so I can give a good lap dance. I can hold a note, but only in a shower, I haven’t done that in front of that many people, so we’ll see where that goes. Like I say, I want to be challenged; I’d love to try doing a musical at some point. It would have to be the right one to begin with. That’s the fun thing with this, you get challenged and sometimes you realise, ‘oh my God, I can do this’, or ‘oh my God, I can’t do this’, so I like that.