I love stumbling across film trailers I’ve not seen before and this little doozy has now got my full attention for the release of the movie, in fact it had my attention at seeing the word Zombie in its description.

Latino Review released the exclusive trailer and posted some interesting news about the development of the project on their site, namely that director Alejandro Bruges did some ridiculous things to get the film made in Cuba.

Juan of the Dead or to give it its native name ‘Juan de los Muertos’ is a film that looks like it’s in the similar vein to Shaun of the Dead and going for comedy mixed with some Zombie killing formula. It looks brilliant from first glimpse, quite fresh and a hell of a lot of fun.

“In the film, Havana is overrun by Zombies while’s Cuba’s Commie leaders insist it’s just a plot by US-backed dissidents to bring down the government. It is up to the hero Juan to rid the island of the undead for money. But as the zombie outbreak begins to spread, he is left with no choice but to fight for his own survival.”

So “Cubu’s first Horror film” is taking shape nicely but with no release date set we will have to wait a little longer to see this potential cult classic.

Bring on the gore! check out the trailer and teaser clips below.