Up until last week’s HeyUGuys’ weekly Cinema Round Up, I was still very excited of going out to see Shirish Kunder’s Sci-Fi Hoax movie, but a week later and a movie which will be known in years to come as one of the biggest box office debacle in Hindi Cinema and seriously impede the career prospect of a visually talented director with a very unique voice back on screen after a 6 year gap.

So What Happened?

  • Was it bad marketing?
  • The effects of Slapgate?
  • Why did main lead Akshay Kumar not even send a single tweet to promote the movie?
  • Is Joker the worst movie ever made?

Here is the trailer again:


Our guest GetFilmy joins us to analyse the debacle leading up to the release, what went wrong and we speculate on what the next steps could be for Shirish Kunder as a film maker.

We try to talk as positively about the movie as we usually do on the show and theorize what went on behind the scenes.

We finish up the show with the forthcoming releases of the Hindi film Release year and what else we can look forward to.

Click on the Image below to head over to Upodcast where you can download/listen to the show below and let us know what you thought of Joker in the comment section below.

Click on the Image to head over to Upodcast where you can download or listen to the show!