Michael C. Hall’s new film John and the Hole is a chilling coming-of-age drama that requires a nuanced turn from the experienced actor, which he more than delivers. To mark the film’s release we had the pleasure of speaking to the actor, as we discuss the challenges to this role, and project, while of course we couldn’t let this opportunity pass without speaking about the return of Dexter. He tells us why they felt now was the best time to bring the show back, he speaks about the film’s controversial finale, and he also tells us just how scarily easy he found it slipping back into character…

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While exploring the neighbouring woods, 13 year old John discovers an unfinished bunker a deep hole in the ground. Seemingly without provocation, he drugs his affluent parents and older sister and drags their unconscious bodies into the bunker, where he holds them captive.

John and the Hole is out now