Joe Manganiello may be hinting that there is still some life left in his role as Deathstroke by posting the first look image of himself as the character.

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At this stage, where this character may pop up in Warner Bros DC universe is anyone’s guess even with an outing in the post-credits scene of Justice League. A potential Deathstroke stand-alone film is currently in development with The Raid’s Gareth Evans and has Manganiello attached.

Deathstroke, under Ben Affleck’s reign as writer/director on ‘The Batman’ solo project, had been teased as the main villain, but with Affleck stepping away from the project and Matt Reeves taking over the hot seat as both writer and director that arc of the story is uncertain, but why leave in the post-credit scene if there was no future ahead for Manganiello’s Deathstroke?

A military man, Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, was recruited into the special ops unit Team 7, where he participated in highly dangerous classified missions. Willing to do whatever he could to better himself, Slade underwent an experimental procedure that granted him enhanced speed, strength and intelligence, effectively making him the world’s greatest soldier. Following the disbandment of Team 7, an embittered and jaded Slade would use his powers as a mercenary-for-hire and quickly gained a name for himself in the criminal world as the man to call when you want to make sure the job will get done.

Rumours of Affleck’s replacement as Batman have been circling around Stronger actor Jake Gyllenhaal for the new stand-alone The Batman venture, who is keen to take over the role, but for now that is all they are, it is unclear as to whether Affleck will return to reprise the role and the studio is still very much mulling over whether Gyllenhaal would be the best replacement.