Continuing their attempts to stay in the blogosphere, the Arrested Development team have been back down the rumourmill. Having been declared dead by David Cross, given a new lease of life by Will Arnett and the script reportedly half written by creator Mitch Hurwitz, it is now being reported by MTV that Jason Bateman is hoping old Friend Jennifer Aniston will appear in the movie.

“Yeah, actually, there’s a real good part for [Aniston] in the Arrested Development movie, [Creator Mitch Hurwitz] has got half the script written. He’s gotta finish the second half and then the studio’s gotta love it and the cast’s gotta love it and we all have to have time to do it… It’s happening.”

For those of you who, like me, have never seen the show, Arrested Development (presumably named precognitively after its tortured journey to the big screen) is a television sitcom centering on the Bluth family. Sporting such talent as Jason Bateman (Up In The Air) and Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), Arrested Development was a critical hit claiming six Emmy awards during its run. It was predictably axed by Fox in 2006 as a result of poor ratings, though it has developed a cult following in the wake of its cancellation.

Aniston, who stars with Bateman in the upcoming insemination-themed comedy The Switch, seems equally enthusiastic about the possiblity.

“I love it. I actually think I might have asked [Bateman] … if that was possible,” she said. “Anything to work with Jason.”

While there is always the possibility that this sliver of news is just a publicity stunt to create some buzz for The Switch, that the Arrested Development movie might never get around to being made, the potential addition of Aniston to the cast is an intriquing possibility.

After a string of increasingly average rom-coms that started with 2003’s likeable Bruce Almighty and ended, well with whatever the last one was, her casting in an ensemble comedy might prove exactly what Rachel Green needs.