Easily one of the most impressive and charismatic of the Watchmen performances came from Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian, and his star continues to rise with a number of interesting projects including The Losers and the recently announced, Unblinking Eye.

Today we’ve learned from Bloody Disgusting that Morgan will team up with another breakout star in recent years, Sam Worthington, in the Michael Mann produced true story, Texas Killing Fields, or as it may be known, The Fields.

Telling the story of a pair of detectives from different parts of America, bought together, to try and uncover the cause of two decades worth of homicides in the refinery wastelands of Texas.

Mann’s daughter Ami Canaan Mann will direct this Don Ferrarone script with shooting to start this April – while it sounds like it has a touch of the Zodiacs to me, Morgan and Worthington have me interested.