Initial talk of a shared monster universe from Universal Pictures was met with ridicule, but it’s become clear over the past year or so that they’re not messing around. Sure, Dracula Untold was met with a tepid response, but Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe have since been added to The Mummy, while Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are being eyed for other films.

The latest A-List talent who now looks set to enter this world is Skyfall’s Javier Bardem as Variety reveals that he’s in talks to take on the role of Frankenstein. We’re not talking about Dr. Frankenstein either as Bardem is being eyed to play the monster rather than its creator!

Given the failure of other recent Frankenstein projects, it’s unclear how Universal intends on approaching this version and whether the character will first appear in the planned Bride of Frankenstein movie or another of the studio’s upcoming monster themed releases.

Whatever the answer may be, this is yet another exciting addition to the monster universe. It’s obviously still early days and The Mummy not doing well at the box office could seriously jeopardise its future, but with so many talented actors joining these projects, it’s hard not to start thinking that Universal could very well have some serious hits on their hands here.