If there’s one creative force spearheading the media and social integration of 3D it’s the Man from Pandora, James Cameron and in a speech in Seoul today the director outlined his thoughts on what impact 3D will have on his work, and the multiple forms of media, he believes, are destined to succumb to the third dimension.

Cameron added his voice to the growing chorus of support for 3D technology and this is no surprise, as there is an obvious commercial interest from Cameron who has developed the technology that bought Avatar to such uproarious acclaim, both critically and commercially.

Associated Press reported on the speech in which the director hinted at a future in which all manner of equipment will be capable of displaying 3D images – laptops, TVs and, of course, the cinema, which he believes are a couple of years away from an overwhelming adoption of 3D.

It’s a fascinating article as it shows how invested in this technology James Cameron is, not just from a directing point of view, but as a social and entertainment viewpoint. There was also a hint from Cameron that the inevitable sequel to Avatar will take less time to film (he talks in terms of a few years), but he’ll make an announcement on when we can expect to return to Pandora in a few months.