Jaimie Alexander first appeared as Lady Sif in the fifteenth episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but she will reprise her Thor and Thor: The Dark World role in the second half of the Marvel show’s second season.

However, Sif won’t recognise Director Coulson and his team as she will be having some memory problems!

Alexander will star in the episode following the March 3rd premiere, and it will see Sif arrive from Asgard on a secret mission which ends up leaving her amnesiac after battling a currently unrevealed foe. Footage of that clash will end up making headlines, sending the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Portugal to find out what exactly happened. It’s then that they find Sif without a memory and wearing normal clothes (see below).

“Sif has no idea who Thor is or that she serves a king, and we’re going to have fun with that,” reveals executive producer Jeffrey Bell. “It’ll give us some much-needed humor in a season that’s been full of betrayal and death. Sif can’t even recall who she came here from Asgard to stop, but Agent Coulson [Clark Gregg] and his team will try to help her figure all that out.” She will however remember being Asgardian!

“We’ve been dealing a lot with space aliens and Inhumans in our last few episodes—things our Earth-bound heroes just don’t know much about,” he adds. “They need help understanding what’s really going on. Sif’s memory—what’s left of it—will come in very handy.” You can see a new trailer for the show right here!