On the eve of the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, with Avatar’s Oscar hopes either to be realised or dashed this Sunday night, 3D technology is finding its feet with cinema and critical audiences right now.

It has become part of the discussion on the future of cinema, and opinions are raging on the nature of the immersion versus the gimmick factor and now that technology has caught up with the visions of some of Hollywood’s biggest directors we are starting to see how 3D works for us as an audience.

Will the ‘Avatar effect’ summon forth a wave of 3D event films, blotting out the sun of smaller independent fare, or will the patchy 2D/3D post production process, as witnessed in Alice and soon to be seen in the forthcoming Clash of the Titans, prove a more realistic use of the technology?

This week we sat down with The Observer‘s acting arts editor Akin Ojumu to start the conversation on 3D movies and as part of their arts section The New Review. They have compiled a video of myself, Matt Bochenski from Little White Lies and Jonathan Cresswell from BritishGaming.co.uk to give our views of what the future holds.

The video is below, and we want your comments on what is discussed, particularly as Alice is out tomorrow – do you think 3D is here to stay?