With a new image of a behelmeted Robert Downey Jr. sending a mild tremor through the rampant Iron Man fanbase a few days ago, more footage has become available thanks to a music video from AC/DC named Shoot to Thrill.

It’s not exactly a new trailer but there’s enough to warrant a post and the whole video really captures the bombastic feel of the first film, hopefully to be redoubled in the sequel. I remember the Guns ‘n’ Roses video You Could be Mine for Terminator 2, and silently cursing Arnie’s cameo at the end (as he failed to terminate the band), and I think of the hauntingly beautiful trailers for Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are as perfect examples of how a music video can draw an expectant crowd.

While it’s all promotion it all helps to stoke the fire of expectation. An excerpt from the press release follows,

The debut video from AC/DC: Iron Man 2 is the AC/DC’s classic album cut “Shoot To Thrill,” which was filmed live last month in Buenos Aires during the band’s highly acclaimed Black Ice World Tour, the second highest grossing world tour of 2009 according to concert industry trade publication Pollstar. The video also incorporates exclusive footage from Iron Man 2 and debuts today worldwide. Check ACDC.com and Marvel.com for more information. “Shoot To Thrill” was originally recorded for the band’s 50-million selling album Back In Black, one of the best selling albums of all time.

Here’s the video, and very nice it looks too.