It was inevitable really. Week after week since James Cameron’s Avatar was released we’ve seen box office records smashed, big name after big name surpassed and now it seems even the movie that would never be beaten, Cameron’s own Titanic has now been knocked off the top stop as the highest grossing movie of all time.

After the weekend, the totals have been verified and Cameron’s Avatar has now grossed (and continuing to rise) over $1.292 billion dollars, surpassing the total set by Titanic of $1.242, an amount that many said would never be topped.

THR: Among the key territories on the weekend were: France (cume $124.8 million), Germany ($95.8 million), the U.K. ($93.2 million), South Korea ($79.7 million), Japan ($77.7 million), Australia ($77 million) and Spain ($76 million). “Avatar” is now the biggest-grossing film of all time in China, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong and Chile. It is the biggest Hollywood film ever to play in India.

Ed wrote a great post recently about inflation and how even though Avatar has higher figures than Titanic or a movie like Gone with the Wind, you need to take inflation into account. In deed someone on Twitter called @chrisblohm states that with inflation taken into account, Avatar is actually only marginally more successful than Home Alone. If I were better at maths I might try and work it out! I’ll let you clever readers do that though! That said, Avatar shows no signs of being finished at the cinema with IMAX seats still full to the brim and even me thinking about going to see it for a third time on the big screen!

20th Century Fox must be loving this one and we haven’t even had the DVD / Blu Ray released yet!

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