Of all the chats we’ve had in isolation, none have yet come close to speaking to the legend that is Richard E. Grant, ahead of the premiere of new AMC TV series Dispatches From Elsewhere. Collaborating with Andre Benjamin (or Andre 3000, to many of us) and Jason Segel, this is an exciting new series that keeps the audience guessing throughout.

We discussed the attraction to the project, and Grant talks to us about what Andre 3000 was like on set. He also speaks about the small everyday things we perhaps took for granted in LBC (life before Corona) and we also get him speaking about his brilliant experiences of last year when he was Oscar nominated for Can You Ever Forgive Me. Naturally, we also chat about his time working on Star Wars and we ask for a little update on Loki…

Watch the full interview below and also check out our view review below:


“Dispatches From Elsewhere” is an anthology series from creator and star Jason Segal. The story centers around four ordinary people – Peter, Simone, Janice, and Fredwynn — who are brought together by chance after they all respond to a flyer. Feeling as though something is missing in their lives, the characters are drawn into a game that unfolds in a serpentine series of events, taking them from parades to shareholders’ meetings. As they piece together the puzzle to find a path forward, they come to delve deeper into a mind-boggling mystery hiding just behind the facade of everyday life and their eyes are opened to a world of possibility, whimsy and wonder. The 10-episode series features an ensemble cast including Sally Field, Richard E. Grant, André Benjamin, and Eve Lindley.

Dispatches from Elsewhere premieres on Wednesday 29 April at 9pm on AMC UK (BT channel 332).