In a time where sequels and re-makes, or “re-imaginings”, reign supreme we have learned to expect the unexpected. But nothing quite prepared us for the announcement of Kindergarten Cop 2 some 25 years after the first.

This time round it is Dolph Lundgren facing the wrath of kindergarten kids instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It’s safe to say Dolph made it out fairly unscathed and we catch up with the man himself to talk about the sequel, what’s like doing comedy and if the actions of a certain Ivan Drago still haunt him to this day.

What were your first thoughts about doing Kindergarten Cop 2 and were you nervous about doing it because of how popular the first one was?

Yeah, I was a bit hesitant when I first heard about it but because Arnold is kind of in the same genre as me, that film was a great movie. I read the script for the sequel and liked it, it was a good chance for me to try my hand at something different. I quite enjoyed it, it was a really positive experience for me.

Is it something you spoke to Arnold about before taking the role?

No, I didn’t speak to him beforehand but spoke to him after I got back from shooting. He actually saw the movie and had some positive comments so that was cool.

What was the most memorable moment for you working with all those kids on set?

You know, I think it was towards the end. At the beginning they were scared of me and they sort of warmed to me. I got used to them screaming and jumping around – there was about 20 or 30 of them. But the best was towards the end when it was almost over and I realised they would miss me. We did a little still session together and they were fighting along with me, that was kind of fun.

Were you getting some flashbacks of your own kids at that age and were you a rascal in school?

Yeah, it did give me flashbacks. Nature makes us wipe out those memories, you don’t remember the bad stuff. At that young age I was sort of well-behaved. It wasn’t until I was about 12 or 13 I became a bit of a trouble maker [laughs].

Kindergarten Cop: 2

And will there be one-liners like we seen in the first one?

It’s not a tumour! [laughs]. Not that one. There are a few sort of like the original but we wanted to stay away a little bit. As a whole, I think it’s different but has the same charm as the first one.

It must have been good for you to do comedy for a change?

Yeah. You know, lately I’ve been getting a lot of offers like that. I did a couple of commercials for National Geographic and Ford. I can make fun of myself, or the genre or the thing that I used to be an engineer but now an actor.

There’s been some speculation about an Expendables 4 – is it something that you are keen to revisit at all and has Sly spoken to you about it at all?

I haven’t talked to him about it, I kind of leave it up to him. Yeah, if it comes about it would probably be next summer. Usually those films are shot in the fall so it may be next year. I know he was side tracked a little because of the success of Creed, and of course the fact he was nominated for an Academy Award and all of that. He should have won, by the way! I think if it comes back, I’d give it another shot. It would be fun.

Who would you personally want to work with on Expendables 4 if it happens?

Well, obviously there are icons like Clint Eastwood so that would be wonderful. There are other guys like Kurt Russell and Jackie Chan as well. I am trying to think of action people that haven’t been in it! Jackie Chan for sure, he’d be really cool.

What have you kept from some of your films? Do you have Sergeant Andrew Scott’s ear necklace?

You know I’ve got a few of things stashed away in a warehouse. To me they are only props but I’ve got the ears and He-Man’s sword somewhere.

It’s been just over 30 years since Rocky IV.  How much heat do you still get from fans about what you did to Apollo Creed?

Surprisingly not so much anymore. I was at the premiere of Creed and it didn’t sort of occur to me until I was sitting in the theatre with, like, 600 people that holy shit I was the guy that killed Apollo Creed! That was the whole story, but they didn’t say that – they just said he’d died in the ring. I was hoping they’d show the scene of me beating him up [laughs].


Ever listened to the Rocky IV soundtrack during your training sessions?

Once but only by mistake! It came on in the gym, I didn’t put it on, honestly. Maybe in 10-15 years’ time I’ll try that.

Kindergarten Cop 2 is available on DVD from 23rd May