Steve McQueen - 12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave has been nominated for a whopping 11 BAFTA Awards this morning and for good reason. It’s receiving critical acclaim from all and sundry and the film finally hits UK cinemas this coming Friday 10th January.

We spot to the cast and crew at the Premiere of the movie during the London Film Festival last year but now James Kleinmann got to sit down with both Director Steve McQueen and Chiwetel Ejiofor for a more detailed look into their latest movie.

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear from Ejiofor but today we hear from Director McQueen who talks about how he first heard about the story of 12 Years a Slave and why it was a movie that he wanted to make. McQueen has made some really hard hitting movies in his relatively short career including Shame and Hunger and James delves a little deeper into finding out how these film affect the Director when they have so much impact on the audience.

We also find out about why Ejiofor was so right for the role and also the Michael Fassbender character with whom McQueen has worked twice before. He also gives a personal insight into the mix between beauty and horror in the movie and how it’s in front of us all every day.

12 Years a Slave hits UK cinemas 10th January. You can see our review of the movie here from the Toronto Film Festival. Visit back tomorrow for our interview with Chiwetel Ejiofor.