Jack-Ryan:-Shadow-Recruit-sliceReturning the iconic character to the big screen for his fifth outing, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is just a few short weeks from hitting the big screen, bringing a new face to the franchise in the form of Chris Pine.

Jack Ryan was last seen in cinemas back in 2002, then played by Ben Affleck in The Sum of All Fears, and we’re all really looking forward to seeing what Kenneth Branagh has to bring to the table on both sides of the camera.

The studio launched two very impressive first trailers towards the end of last year, and with just days left on the clock before it hits, we’ve got a new character profile to share.

In a story taking place prior to the original Jack Ryan stories, Ryan is a young stock broker working for a billionaire in Moscow before joining the CIA. When the billionaire he is advising frames him for a terrorist plot and kidnaps his wife, Ryan must race against time to clear his name, stop the plot, and save his wife.

Pine is joined by a great ensemble, led by Keira Knightley in the female lead, alongside Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh.

Branagh, whose career is perhaps one of the most diverse of all time, directs from a script by Adam Cozad and David Koepp (Spider-Man), of course based on the late Tom Clancy’s original creation.

It may be early days yet, but the subtitle alone is enough to suggest that Paramount is keen to launch further sequels with Pine in the lead, and if they can bring back as stellar a set of filmmakers as they’ve assembled here, then the future is definitely looking good.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit will be released in the US on January 17th, before touching down in the UK a week later on 24th January. In the meantime, here’s the new character profile. Enjoy.