Marvel are shedding light on the story of the Inhumans, a group that was touched on in their highly popular Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, with a fun, action packed TV series.   They chose Dutch director Roel Reiné to take charge of their latest creation starring Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones), Serinda Swan and Anson Mount.  We were lucky enough to get to talk to the veteran director, who has over twenty films under his belt, including Admiral and The Scorpion King 3.

InhumansIn our interview Roel Reiné spoke of his love of everything IMAX and how excited he was to be at the helm of the first tv series to be shot using IMAX cameras.   Inhumans also secures another first, as it is the first television show to be shown in the IMAX.

The director talked of how he could envisage a future where it is the norm to watch tv episodes at the IMAX because of the increasing high quality of many television series, that often surpass the quality of films.

He spoke of how in other superhero stories there is usually only one character with a superpower but Inhumans has a whole group of people burdened with powers that separate them from humanity, which allows for a different dynamic.  Finally I asked why there is such a demand for superhero films at the moment and the director responded with a thoughtful response.


Marvel’s Inhumans explores the story of the Royal Family of Inhumans including Black Bolt (Iwan Rheon) and the King (Anson Mount) who is possessed with a voice so powerful that it can bring down whole cities.  Black Bolt resents his family for making him feel inferior and a military coup breaks out, which results in the Inhumans fleeing towards Hawaii.  There they begin questioning how to use their powers to serve humanity.

Experience the first chapter of Marvel’s Inhumans exclusively in IMAX from Sept 1. Follow the entire series on TV & other devices soon after.