I had a chance to test out the upcoming toys for Star Wars The Last Jedi recently and a few of them stood out.

Seeing the kids get hands on with the new Sphero BB-9E and R2-D2 was quite a proud moment. They’ve enjoyed BB-8 but having a collection of Sphero toys available will make for more fun in the living room.

While these toys are a bit costly to own more than one, getting friends over with the different droids will be a popular pastime for our family.

Also, we got to try the Jedi Challenges lightsaber battles game. This is an Augmented Reality headset and Lightsaber combo. Put on the visor, slot in your phone and it’s used to create a virtual battle in your living room.

The Lightsaber itself is pretty impressive and has some heft. But it’s when you see a virtual shaft of light extend from the Lightsaber and Darth Vader appear in front of you that it really starts getting exciting.

The final product will be available near Christmas and will also include Holochess and a tower defense style battle with AT-AT’s and Storm Troopers.