Sadly we couldn’t all be at Sundance for the premiere of the new Spike Jonze short I’m Here, produced in association with Absolut Vodka, but we’ve learned how you can get to see the 30 minutes film in advance of its release on the 1st of March.

In key cities around the UK (that’s London, Edinburgh and Manchester to you and me) several unusual screenings will be held in ‘ordinary’ and ‘everyday’ locations such as bike stores, cafés and hairdressers. Much like the graveyard American Werewolf in London event, or the Spinal Tap aboard a tour bus screening, these events are a great way to enjoy a film.

To be honest, from what we’ve seen so far of Jonze’s short (trailer and images here) I’m hooked and if the thought of catching robot love rendered in glorious Jonze-o-vision isn’t your idea of a good time then I suggest we stop seeing each other.

Entry is the events are free but places are limited. For the chance to attend and details of the venues visit: