While most of us may presently feel locked in a John Wyndham style dystopian sci-fi/nightmare, no doubt many will also be burrowing into their streaming services, desperately seeking escapism. While doing so it’s well worth keeping an eye out for Vivarium.

While not quite mirroring our current nightmare reality, writer/director Lorcan Finnegan’s film (released across viewing platforms on Friday 27th March) is a startlingly unique and enthralling sci-fi thriller (with a culty Wyndham edge and a pinch of The Truman Show), that taps into different themes, paranoias and pertinent uncertainties of present times (housing crisis, social surveillance etc).

The story sees first time property purchasers Gemma (Imogen Poots) and her husband Tom (Jesse Eisenberg) buy a seemingly perfect suburban house but soon find themselves locked in a labyrinthine nightmare from which they cannot escape.

Way back in the Autumn of 2019, HeyUGuys met with the film’s lead actress Imogen Poots while promoting Vivarium at the London Film Festival. With Poots we discussed the production, film’s themes/parallels, the difficulty in finding original screenplays/parts and how she was finding the festival circuit.

Here’s the interview.

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