When indulging in a film as congenial as Finding Your Feet, it comes as little surprise to learn that the film’s leading stars, in this case Imelda Staunton and Celia Imrie, are both incredibly lovely, as we had the pleasure of interviewing the pair to mark the release of this British comedy.

The film is very much celebrating our core values in life, and perhaps those we often take for granted, and we asked Staunton and Imrie about the simple things in their life they appreciate most. They also tell us how refreshing it was to be given characters who don’t fall into the same trappings they so often do at their age, while we also ask if the pair, like their characters, like to boogie.

They go on to talk about the joy in collaborating with Timothy Spall on the project (an old friend of Staunton’s) and finally we talk about Paddington 2, which Staunton stars in, and just how remarkable it really is that the film was, somehow, even better than the first.

Watch the full interview below…


A middle-class snob on the eve of retirement takes refuge with her bohemian sister after she discovers her husband is having an affair with her best friend.

Finding Your Feet is released on February 23rd.