Ian-McKellen-The-HobbitIn our opinion, you can never have too much of The Hobbit so here’s the third of our numerous interviews with the cast and film-makers from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey of it’s release on Friday 14th December. Tonight is the UK premiere so there was no better time to give you Sir Ian McKellen talking about his return as Gandalf the Grey.

In this wonderful interview conducted by James Kleinmann, we get to hear from the man himself discussing why he prefers playing Gandalf the Grey as oppose to Gandalf the White. We get to hear about some of the more humorous side to the character. He pays reference to the fact that The Hobbit was written for J.R.R. Tolkien’s kids and therefore had a bit more humour to it. We get to find out why Sir Ian thinks someone like Bilbo’s character was used rather than a big strong character.

We also get to find out why Sir Ian loved working with Martin Freeman and why he thinks he was so perfect for the role as Bilbo Baggins.

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