Here’s the second of our Hobbit interviews and it’s with the Director Peter Jackson. Jackson has tirelessly worked to bring these Hobbit movies to the big screen in amongst the problems that MGM had and it’s so wonderful to finally see these junket interviews happening before the movie is released this Friday 14th December.

In this interview, James Kleinmann talks about how Jackson is able to bring the movies to life in a way that the great director would want to go and see them himself. They also talk about which parts of the story need to go in and how they decide exactly which elements to take from the original stories. In the same vein, they talk about why Martin Freeman was the right person to play the role as Bilbo Baggins.

Finally, they discuss working in 48 frames per second instead of the standard 24 frames per second and Jackson explains why he thinks The Hobbit needed this state of the art technology attached to it.

If you missed it earlier, our interview with Martin Freeman can be seen here and you can read our review of The Hobbit here.

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