I Spit on Your Grave is a new remake of the notorious 1978 rape-revenge classic of the same name. The original is a brutal film but one that has been championed by many for the themes it explores beneath the veneer of it being a nasty exploitation picture. Will the remake do the same? Doubtful considering the caliber of recent horror remakes but at least this one’s not a Platinum Dunes remake.

Directed by Steven R. Monroe who has previous with a host of TV movies and scripted by Jeffrey Reddick who also wrote the Day of the Dead remake and worked on the Final Destination films. This doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope but I really want this to be good so will try and remain optimistic.

I’ll hopefully be checking it out when it gets its European premiere at this year’s Frighfest so will report back with my thoughts then.

Below is the first poster released, which I think is atrocious, and the second (thanks to BloodyDisgusting), which is something of an improvement. The second poster is inspired by the poster for the original which I’ve embedded below for comparison. If that’s not enough scroll to the bottom to see the early teaser trailer, released a couple of months ago, to give you a taste of what’s to come.