Late last week, we posted that Twentieth Century Fox had announced they would be re-releasing Avatar into cinemas with an extra eight minutes of footage. What those eight minutes were wasn’t clear from the press release that we were sent (you can see it all here).

Well, Sam Worthington who starred in the movie has been chatting to Comingsoon in LA and he’s given some idea as to what will be included:

“I wish we added eight hours. I think the first cut I saw was about six hours long… There’s a couple of extra hunting scenes. There’s a much-speculated and blogged sex scene everyone keeps f–king harping on about. To be honest, I think everyone’s going to be disappointed that’s it’s not blue porn… But there’s a lot of other character parts. Giovanni [Ribisi] stuff and Stephen Lang stuff. So it’s up to Jim. I know Jim would only release it if it enhanced the story by putting it back in.”

He then went on to talk about extra scenes that were shot on Earth:

“We shot all that. When we first saw all that, it didn’t [work]. You just want to get to the planet. It’s kind of a slow burn. Jim always wanted it to be a slow burn start so that you would adjust to your eyes and adjust the world, but it because too much of slow burn. It was like, “hurry the f–k up, man.”

Head over to Comingsoon for the full interview where Worthington also talks about production of a Clash of the Titans sequel which looks like it’s going to start shooting early 2011.

Take note of the new poster above too. It’s the official one for the theatrical re-release which Fox sent me last week and I forgot to put up! I quite like it!