The creative partnership between George Clooney and Sandra Bullock continues, as a new report claims that they’re working on developing an all-female Ocean’s Eleven movie together. He’ll produce and she’ll obviously star, while The Hunger Games director Gary Ross is set to take the reboot’s helm. This one has been in development for a while now apparently, with Olivia Milch (Little Women) working on the script for the past few months.

Clooney and Bullock spent a lot of time working together on Gravity, and the role she plays in Our Band Is Crisis was originally written for him, so there’s precedent for this happening!

Not much is known about the direction this Ocean’s Eleven reboot will take other than the fact that the team will consist of all women. This is becoming a growing trend in Hollywood (take the¬†Ghostbusters reboot on the way next year for example), but the changes being made to this franchise¬†are likely to be less controversial than what Paul Feig has done.

That controversy obviously feels wholly unnecessary, but whatever was done with that beloved property was always going to lead to a lot of grumbling. Ocean’s Eleven on the other hand doesn’t really have that problem, especially after two disappointing sequels. Interestingly, The Playlist adds that Clooney may even make a cameo as Danny Ocean!

You can hear what Bullock had to say about working with George Clooney in the video below!