We’ve followed the final outing of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine since it was revealed that the film would be rated R, through the confirmation of Mr. Sinister as the film’s villain and all the way to the set photos reuniting Jackman’s hairy invulnerable with an X-favourite.

Now as we and Jackman prepare to bid adieu to Ol’ Adamantium eyes we get news (and a poster) from the forthcoming film, now titled simply Logan.

Here’s the poster,

logan-poster-wolverine-3Not only is the name a bold choice (unless they wrap it an X-Men/Wolverine title sandwich) it gives us a clue to the film’s tone and content. Rumours were flying around from way early on in the production that this would be a final fling for Jackman. Once this was confirmed it was thought by many that the Old Man Logan storyline from the comics by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven would be the obvious cinematic sundown for the character.

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Those in the know believe that the hand you see in that poster belongs to X-23 as a child, and the significance of her appearance in the film is great, and points to a more mature offering from Jackman and Co.

The film is heading our way on the 3rd of March. Expect a teaser soon…