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It’s tough to think about, but whether we like it or not, Hugh Jackman is getting ready to hang up his claws for good with 2017’s Wolverine movie. You can’t blame the actor for wanting to move on after playing the X-Men character for the past fifteen years, but him calling it quits is no doubt going to be a major blow to both comic book fans and Fox.

However, there’s no way that his departure should or will be the end for the character. Sure, there’s an argument which can be made in regards to giving Wolverine a break for a few years, but he really isn’t that over-exposed, and the studio should really be releasing new Wolverine movies every other year (Jackman’s schedule seems to be why they haven’t).

So, as Herculean a task as it may be, who should be next to take the mantle? Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and more are great examples of superheroes who have been recast when the time calls for it, and here you will find ten actors from all over the world of varying ages and heights (none of them are 5’3″, sorry!) who would all be perfect for Wolverine…

10. Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington

There was a time when Sam Worthington was the next big thing, but not even starring in the highest grossing movie of all-time – Avatar – seemed to do the Australian actor many favours, with the likes of Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans earning him some mixed reviews (and that dodgy American accent didn’t help matters).

That aside though, and there’s no denying that he’s a good actor who has shown a lot of improvement in recent years, while a superhero role could be just what he needs to get him back on top. As divisive as the movies mentioned above may have been, they proved Worthington knows how to deliver the kind of intensity a character like Wolverine needs, so he could do well here.

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  • Michael Maloney

    It was suggested a while ago on an EmpireOnline forum, but Antony Starr (currently the lead in Banshee) looks like a great shout, to me. Not as well-known as some of those on the list (but that didn’t stop Jackman)

  • João


  • Anne Nicoles

    Norman Reedus!
    Make it happen!

  • Alex Stockwell

    Ben Foster would be awesome as Logan.

  • Bob

    Ron Perlman with chops or Nick chinlund (like he was as the character Toombs in chronicles of Riddick) would make a great wolverine.

  • Ian Seager

    Daniel Radcliff. He’s a great actor, he can pull of the burns and the best part is he’s only 5 foot 5.

  • No Assumptions! Question Bias!


  • Goldberry

    Richard Armitage- he is a fantastic actor who seriously needs to be in a blockbuster movie. He even resembles hugh jackman

  • Megan McKnight

    I would go with either Antony Star,Liam Hemsworth… or anyone who has not done a marvel movie.

  • Pragmatist

    If not for the height problem the most perfect resemblance to comic wolverine would be
    – Richard Armitage
    He’s the real life wolverine face + body double

    If not for age problem, Gerard Butler would also be a good contestant

  • Armando Almase

    So, based upon this list, any scruffy-faced actor with dark hair could play Wolverine.