Hugh Jackman recently revealed that his time as Wolverine (who he’s played since 2000) is finally coming to an end, but the Australian actor certainly isn’t struggling to find work outside of the X-Men Universe.

According to a new report, Jackman is set to star in Apostle Paul for Warner Bros., and he will play the Jewish man of God (also known as Saul of Tarsus) who crossed over to speak to the Romans and preach the word.

As well as starring, Jackman is set to produce, and he’ll be joined in that capacity by fellow A-Listers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck under their Pearl Street banner. Matt Cook (Triple Nine) is writing the screenplay.

As the site points out, Paul was not one of the 12 original disciples but was converted on the Road to Damascus when Christ came to him and he was blinded by a great,white light. He was blinded until a man named Ananias prayed and restored his eyesight. Paul became one of the most important messengers of Jesus and went on trips to Rome and appeared before the rulers because he was also a Roman citizen.

Credited with writing 14 of 27 books in the New Testament, Paul would go on to found many churches and it’s been told that after being imprisoned for for preaching, his jail shook like a violent earthquake when he began singing Jesus’ praises, leading to his his chains falling off and the doors opening as the guards fled.

This is an interesting project for Jackman and it should be interesting to see how the cast comes together!