House of Cards has been a massive hit for Netflix, something which was evident when the second season hit the online streaming service earlier this year and viewers quickly delved into the 13-episode political drama.

A return date of February 27th, 2015 has been announced with the motion poster seen in the Tweet below.

When we last saw Frank Underwood (stop reading now if you’re not up to date with House of Cards), he finally achieved his goal of becoming President of the United States. After two years of seeing him do anything and everything to reach the Oval Office, it should be fascinating now to see what happens next!

House of Cards was considered a huge risk when Netflix first announced that they had committed to a $100 million 26-episode run, but it paid off big time and opened the door to Orange is the New Black and more.

Over the past two years, House of Cards has earned 23 Emmy nominations and the critical response has been overwhelmingly positive, despite some claiming it took too much of an outlandish turn in season two.

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