Hollywood is always looking for a niche in which to take advantage of. For some they hugely work, for others less so.

For example, sports films are very difficult to get right. The likes of Rocky and Moneyball may have succeeded, but how many have failed to really hit the heights?

One area of film which always seems to thrill however is casino movies, and that’s in part thanks to the industry itself.

For generations casinos in movies have been glamorised intensely. Few represent what many are really like, particularly in Las Vegas, where large ladies sit with buckets of copper continually feeding the slots. Instead we think of people in suits and long gowns, sipping champagne and cocktails and involving themselves in intense games of poker. And it works.

James Bond Casino

The likes of Casino, the James Bond franchise and Oceans Eleven have really established the casino as a real tension builder in movies and that has undoubtedly helped develop the gambling industry itself, whether it be in the USA or the likes of Britain, where you’ll find new casino sites UK specifically focused popping up every day.

Many of these sites, and indeed in brick-and-mortar casinos, are taking a mutual benefit from the Hollywood industry, with a huge range of slots inspired by movies. You’ll regularly find The Hangover or Bridesmaids slots on casino floors and online, and that’s only seeing more people flock to them.

That increases the interest in casino and will welcome more movies based upon them.

Down the years there have been dozens, many games and casinos have been welcomed into blockbusters, many have become cult classics, such as Rounders.

Rounders came at a time when poker really started to boom and has significantly inspired countless pro poker players, far exceeding the value of simply an intense movie that features the game.

Similarly, Oceans Eleven also had a huge impact on the gambling industry. While it didn’t inspire dozens of men to go and rob casinos, it did see thousands upon thousands flock to Las Vegas to see the sights, most notably the Bellagio Fountains.

The glitz and glam shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to casinos and movies. Many genres have fallen by the wayside, but the way the casino industry is developing we’re only going to see the topic covered more.

Which could involve the online industry. Online gaming is now huge, and while online casinos are using Hollywood movies as inspiration for slots, Hollywood might start looking at ways they can develop stories based upon this particular aspect of the industry.

One thing is for sure, as long as the casino continues to add drama, with everything won or lost on the spin of a wheel or deal of card, casino movies are not going to expire, and we for one are not complaining one bit.

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