We’ve all watched a movie where the characters are playing a casino game or have a scene within a casino establishment. You will see a different portrayal of casinos and casino life depending on the kind of movie you watch.

If you watch “The Hangover”, you will see a group of men celebrating their friend’s bachelor party and getting up to all kinds of shenanigans in Vegas. However, “Ocean’s Eleven”” takes a different route, with a gang trying to successfully pull off a heist.

Real-life casino games are thrilling and full of excitement, but rarely as exciting as the scenes shown in movies.

Let’s have a look at the most popular games featured in movies and a brief overview of how they’re played so you can live out your Hollywood character movie dream!


Blackjack features quite heavily in a lot of movies. This is because most people in real life know how to play the game since it’s easy to learn and get the hang of. So, as soon as a blackjack scene comes on screen, the viewer has a clear idea of what’s happening and can follow along.

Besides, since James Bond was a big fan of this game. In one of the movies, “Licence To Kill”, Bond wins $250, 000 in a game of blackjack. While real-life blackjack games are less spectacular and glamorous, you can still get a taste of the rush Bond felt by learning how the game is played.

Your objective is to get a hand that has a value that is as near to 21 as possible without going over. A hand totaling more than 21 is considered a bust or break. In a game of blackjack, participants do not compete against one another but rather play against the dealer. To win, each player just needs to have a better hand than the dealer without exceeding a total of 21.

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As we said, blackjack is an easy game to get the hang of. If you want to feel like a mysterious character in a Hollywood movie, then we suggest having a look at a list of casinos offering blackjack online for real money as it is a good way to start!

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Indecent Proposal” is a good movie example where the game of craps is featured. As soon as the character throws the dice, the world goes into slow motion and everyone eagerly waits to see what numbers the dice have landed on.

In real life, the world will not spin in slow motion, but the rush of the game will still be felt.

The objective of the game of craps is to roll a number using two dice, and then to roll those dice again before the number seven is rolled.

If there is a number marked by the “pucks,” it indicates that the value of the “point” at stake in the game is equal to the value of the number. This is the number that the shooter needs to achieve before the seven-roll bonus is awarded.

If the goal is scored, the “off” switch is flipped on the puck, and the shooter gets another attempt. At this point, we are doing a “coming out roll.” When a game is said to be in its “coming out roll” state, it indicates that it has not yet begun with any points being scored.

“The shooter” is the name given to the player at the craps table who is responsible for rolling the dice.


Roulette is another game that is widely featured in Hollywood movies. The game is based on pure luck and players try to guess where the ball will land on the spinning wheel. If you guess the correct number, color, or other categories, then you’ve won the bet!


Since slots is a one-person game, it doesn’t have the same thrilling effect that craps have in movies.

Slots are quite easy to play, so the movie character doesn’t need to have outstanding gaming knowledge. They simply place their bet, hit the ‘spin’ button, and watch as the reels fall into place.


Do you remember those scenes when a character enters a room filled with men dressed in expensive suits, smoking cigars, nursing a glass of whiskey, and playing a card game? If you never paid attention to the kind of game being played, it was poker.

Poker is always shown as this game that requires a lot of concentration with high stakes, and it’s because there are different hands that can be won when playing poker.

With ten different hands that can occur, it’s no wonder that poker in movies is often shown as a silent game since a high level of concentration is needed.

Those are the most common and most popular casino games you’ll find in movies. Next time you’re stuck on which game you should play, just ask yourself what movie you feel like recreating!

If casino-related movies aren’t a family favorite, don’t worry, there are several other movies dropping soon, like Enola Holmes, that the whole family can enjoy!