This week sees the release of Matthew Vaughn’s latest film Kingsman: The Secret Service. The story follows Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin, who comes from the mean streets of London but ends up being part of a team of elite spies intent on saving the world.

The transformation of Eggsy is a crucial part of the film, and Taron Egerton in the lead role makes it look easy. We see him learn the tricks of the trade and battle bad guys just like his suave and sophisticated mentor Harry Hart (Colin Firth).

But can anybody become a Kingsman? I headed off to the Kingsman academy to give them their greatest challenge yet…

Slipping out of the suit, we head off for dog training. In the film, Eggsy and the other new recruits each pick a puppy to train with. It was a tough choice, but I had to go with this cute fella.

Showing me the ropes was the team who look after many films, including this one. Most surprising was the revelation that one of the most requested animals on set are stunt chickens!

Having watched the experts, I had a go at taking a fully trained dog around a pretty tricky course. Much to my surprise, and everyone else’s, I was deemed to be the best of the day. You can see how I managed it here, and tune in tomorrow to see if I do make it as a Kingsman.

Day 1 – Shave

Day 2 – Suit

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